Shopware 6 offers the possibility to display individual prices to shop visitors in the webshop.

Via magnalister, the pricing rules individually defined in Shopware 6 can be selected in the respective marketplace interface (e.g. Amazon) under "Configuration" > "Price Calculation" > "Sales Price from Price Rule". The selected pricing rule is applied to the product price transferred via magnalister.

Using an example we demonstrate how to proceed:

1. You create a new rule in your Shopware 6 shop under "Settings" > "Rule Builder", including a previously created customer group "Amazon Customers". We call the rule in our example "Reduced Amazon Prices"

2. Now go to one of your Shopware 6 products and select the tab "Advanced pricing".

3. Using the drop-down menu you can select the rule created in the Rule Builder.

4. Now you define the specific pricing rule, e.g. a reduced price. In our example, we chose a price of 10.99 Euro.

5. Please open the magnalister plugin under "Marketing" → "magnalister", select the desired marketplace tab and navigate to "Configuration" → "Price Calculation" → "Sales Price from Price Rule"

6. The drop-down menu shows the rules created in the Shopware 6 Rule Builder. Please select the desired rule here. In our example, it is "Reduced Amazon Prices".

Now the pricing rules defined in Shopware 6 get applied to all products uploaded to the marketplace via magnalister.

Additional remarks: